Sugar Busters Diet

Skip the Sugar: Advantage and Disadvantages of Sugar Busters Diet

People resort to dieting for many reasons. Some plunge into the diet because of health problems, others are determined to lose weight while some find it a kind of fad that they should try. There are many types of diets that were introduced for those who are health conscious. One of these diets is the sugar busters diet. Although many people still chooses other types of dieting, and some are even practicing the “yo-yo” diet which is unhealthy, the sugar busters diet have followers since introduced.

The sugar busters diet as the name implies focuses on the sugar intake of an individual. The sugar here is seen as a culprit on the health problems and even weight problems of an individual. Therefore, sugar was eliminated in the diet of a person who is in the sugar busters diet program.

To give a more comprehensive idea about this type of diet, the sugar level of an individual have a great role on the health of a person. Those who promote this type of diet brand additional sugar that will elevate the insulin as toxic. Although the toxicity of the sugar to the body is not explained, the results show that the less or no intake of sugar can enhance body figure by significant amount of weight reduction. For dieters, sugar busters’ means no sugar on the cakes and pastries for your cravings or a sugar substitute to satisfy your sweet tooth. There are some foods that are either starchy or high in carbohydrates that are removed from the diet such as potatoes and bread. The dieters are encouraged to increase their protein intakes such as fish and eggs. Exercise and increase in water intake is incorporated on the program.

The advantages of this program is that health wise, the discipline of this diet can really help in the sugar control of those who have insulin problems. It is also easier than other diets because it does not involve calorie counting which is time consuming. And lastly, most of the food eliminated if not regulated on this type of dieting pose health risk to those who have medical problems.

On the downside, the sugar busters diet is hard to maintain. Also, it poses deficiency on some nutrients due to the restrictions on some fruits and vegetables. Vegetarians will also have problems with the diet since it encourages increase in protein intake.

For best results, consult your doctor first before trying any kind of diets.

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