Blood Type Diet

Eat Right Type Diet: A Blood Type Based Diet

With so many types of diet available today, many people are looking for something that have scientific basis. Although most of the diet today have chemical reaction and scientific studies, a blood type based diet sounds more impressive as scientifically inclined than the rest of the diets in the market. Eat right type diet focuses on the blood type of the individuals; hence food intake and exercises should be complimentary to the blood type.

This diet encourages individuals to program their food intake and exercises in accordance to their blood types:

Blood type O– Load up in fish, meat and poultry. People who have this blood type should have dynamic exercise.

Blood type A - Individuals of this blood type should be on the vegetable diet. They are advised to eat their leafy greens and get involved in gentle exercises.

Blood type B – Moderate exercise and more flexible choices of food. Individuals under this blood type can indulge in low fat dairy products, meat and vegetables.

Blood type AB - This blood type is the most modern type therefore seen as the most sensitive on the digestive system among blood types. Individuals under this category should avoid meats such as chicken and beef but encouraged to eat seafood and dairy. Recommended exercise should be those calm exercises like yoga.

The author of this diet, Peter J. D’ Adamo claims that foods eaten against the category of blood types can cause illness such as cancer. According to him, diets should be unique and based on the primary bloodline history. The blood types were compared to those of the ancestors:

Type O as the oldest therefore follows the appetite of the ancestors for meat.

Type A is according to him can be tracked down to the settlers. These are the kind of individuals who maintains farming therefore the blood type A’s appetite are more on the farm produce.

The nomads are those having the blood type B. With the type of lifestyle they have, they are considered of less sensitive stomach and moderate in physical activities.

In addition, the blood types are prone to specific diseases; therefore the foods should be adjusted accordingly.
Eat right type diet, according to critics contradicts scientific explanations of history and blood. Although critics questions the relationship of blood and health illness, many people still prefer to choose eat right type diet because of the feedbacks on its effectiveness.

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