Blood Type Diet

Eat Right Type Diet: A Blood Type Based Diet

With so many types of diet available today, many people are looking for something that have scientific basis. Although most of the diet today have chemical reaction and scientific studies, a blood type based diet sounds more impressive as scientifically inclined than the rest of the diets in the market. Eat right type diet focuses on the blood type of the individuals; hence food intake and exercises should be complimentary to the blood type.

This diet encourages individuals to program their food intake and exercises in accordance to their blood types:

Blood type O– Load up in fish, meat and poultry. People who have this blood type should have dynamic exercise.

Blood type A - Individuals of this blood type should be on the vegetable diet. They are advised to eat their leafy greens and get involved in gentle exercises.

Blood type B – Moderate exercise and more flexible choices of food. Individuals under this blood type can indulge in low fat dairy products, meat and vegetables.

Blood type AB - This blood type is the most modern type therefore seen as the most sensitive on the digestive system among blood types. Individuals under this category should avoid meats such as chicken and beef but encouraged to eat seafood and dairy. Recommended exercise should be those calm exercises like yoga.

The author of this diet, Peter J. D’ Adamo claims that foods eaten against the category of blood types can cause illness such as cancer. According to him, diets should be unique and based on the primary bloodline history. The blood types were compared to those of the ancestors:

Type O as the oldest therefore follows the appetite of the ancestors for meat.

Type A is according to him can be tracked down to the settlers. These are the kind of individuals who maintains farming therefore the blood type A’s appetite are more on the farm produce.

The nomads are those having the blood type B. With the type of lifestyle they have, they are considered of less sensitive stomach and moderate in physical activities.

In addition, the blood types are prone to specific diseases; therefore the foods should be adjusted accordingly.
Eat right type diet, according to critics contradicts scientific explanations of history and blood. Although critics questions the relationship of blood and health illness, many people still prefer to choose eat right type diet because of the feedbacks on its effectiveness.

Low Cholesterol Diet

Best Tips for a Low Cholesterol Diet

High cholesterol level is the main culprit for many health problems. This includes diseases such as stroke, diabetes, high blood diseases, hypertension and more. Few years ago, it was only men who were prone to this type of sickness. However, as years pass, women aging 35 and above are now included in the list of those who die or confined in the hospital due to high cholesterol level. Because of this, may are now beginning to be health conscious. Many are now trying to include low cholesterol diet in their daily meal. They realized that this does not only benefit their heart but their whole well-being as well.

The first advise that most experts give when it comes to low cholesterol diet is to lessen the intake of foods that are high in fat. Avoid eating dairy products such as whole milk, cheese, creams and butter. These products are contains high level of saturated fat. Saturated fat are food components that increases the level of your blood cholesterol more than anything else in your meal. Even your favorite ice cream has a lot of saturated fat that needs to be avoided. This type of fat is usually concentrated on the fat that surrounds different kinds of meat, especially pork meat.

Another great way to have a low cholesterol diet is to include in your meal a fish rich in omega 3 fatty acids. Although fish have saturated fat as well, the level is not high as high compared to the likes of pork, beef and chicken. According to the American Heart Association, you will be needing at least two servings of fish every week. There are several fish out in the market that is rich in Omega 3 Fatty acid. This includes herring, trout, sardines, mackerel, and salmon.

And last but not the least is to have foods rich in soluble fiber included in your low cholesterol diet. Foods such as oat bran and oatmeal can be easily prepared so that people who are on the go can still have time to eat the food products containing whole oat flour and alike. Studies show that constant eating of oatmeal at least once a day may help reduce LDL or Low Density Lipoprotein which is the bad kind of cholesterol in the body. Having a low cholesterol diet does not necessarily mean eating tasteful foods to make you healthy. All it needs is a little patience and discipline to help you achieve a lower cholesterol in no time.

Acid Reflux Diet

Acid Reflux Diet: What Is It and How It Works

Acid Reflux Diet is a type of diet used to help sufferers of Acid Reflux disease. More commonly known as acid reflux or GERD (gastro esophageal reflux disease), it is a condition in which acids from the stomach backs up into your esophagus because your lower esophageal sphincter does not function properly. The main cause for 80% off all who suffer from acid reflux is the improper relaxation of the esophageal sphincter located between the stomach and the esophagus. For the 20%, it is caused by a low pressure sphincter.

It might not have occurred to you that your stomach is strong and the acid inside it can be equated to the strength of battery acid. Your esophagus cannot tolerate such extreme acidity and therefore some symptoms include a burning sensation within your chest. Some people also experience shortness of breath, asthma, voice hoarseness, and pneumonia and chest pains. You can pop and take an antacid which gives you temporary relief of these symptoms. However for more advanced cases of this disease, you need long term medication and change your eating habits by using the acid reflux diet.

In order to reduce and eliminate the symptoms of acid reflux without the use of medication, you must go through an eating pattern evaluation. You can keep track of this by having a food diary. You can write down what type of foods give you acid reflux symptoms so that when you go see your medical practitioner he or she can have a good view of what kind of diet to give you in order to treat your condition. It will also give you an idea of what food group gives you more difficulty and which eases your pain.

Some of the trigger foods that you have to eliminate from your daily diet are fatty foods, chocolate and caffeinated beverages. Depending on how well you tolerate this type of food, it is better to lessen their intake or avoid them altogether. Food which contains peppermint and spearmint flavors should also be avoided, as well as carbonated drinks. Smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages is also a named culprit in acid reflux symptoms.

Patients have also found relief in chewing gum because it produces saliva which is low in acid and by continually swallowing the saliva it neutralizes the acidity in your stomach and lessens heartburn. If these acid reflux diet suggestions do not work for you, you should see you physician who would prescribe to you other options to treat your acid reflux condition.

Diet for Six Pack Abs

Belly Busters: Diet for Six Pack Abs

If you are one of those people who have always dreamt of getting six pack abs, then you have tried countless exercises and have done thousands of crunches and maybe even bought those ab equipments from those shopping networks. You want flat abs and you want it fast. Despite of all sweat, blood and tears you have shed following ab exercise routines and maybe followed some diet for six pack abs, you still have the flab.

Truth is, six pack abs are hard to get. It takes more than crunches and sophisticated equipments but a combination of that and diet. It is still possible to get six pack abs, if you are dedicated and motivated enough to continue your diet for six packs: exercise and good nutrition. You won’t see those impressive six pack abs when they are covered in layers of fat now, will you?

So, you know what exercises to do now how about the good nutrition part? Here is some of that belly busting diet for getting that six pack abs:

Keep your metabolism steady by eating small meals every three hours. Because your metabolism depends on your food intake, taking frequent small meals keeps your metabolism working on burning calories therefore helping you to lose weight.

Drink more water. Even more than the required 8 glasses a day. Studies have shown that people who drank more water than 8 glasses experienced greater lipolysis or the burning of stored fat. Weight-loss experts contend that an ounce of water per pound of your body weight is the recipe for fat-burning efficiency.

Eat a lot of fiber-rich foods or take fiber supplements. Fiber foods include fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and whole grains. It will keep you healthy by cleaning up the toxins in your intestines.

Vegetables are better than starchy food. By replacing half of your serving of rice, past or potatoes with vegetables such as broccoli, zucchini or green beans you are cutting more than half of your caloric intake.

Cut down and avoid carbonated beverages. They are full of sugar and if you are trying to lose the flab, should be one of the first things you should eliminate from your diet. Many bodybuilders avoid carbonated beverages altogether because they believe that it causes water retention and bloating because of the sodium content.

With the right combination of cardio exercises, ab crunches and the right nutrition, the way to getting that to-die-for six pack abs is clear. This is your diet for six pack abs, exercise and the right food.

Allergies and Diet

Allergies and Diet: Tips on Achieving a Healthy Body

The body needs nutrients to work properly. Like machines, it needs fuel to function well. The fuels that keep your body going are the foods that you eat. If you maintain a balanced diet you will have a healthy body. The nutrients that you need comes from the foods you eat however, the food that you eat can also be bad for your health. There are foods that you might trigger an allergy hence it is not healthy to include them in your diet.
Most of the available programs for healthy lifestyle focus solely on the nutritional values that can be derived from the food that we eat. But it is equally important that in planning for the things that should be served on your table, the allergies and diet should be taken care of and addressed properly. The food that you plan to eat should not be on the list of your food allergies and diet should therefore be crafted according to what is good for you.

How does food allergy and diet affect each other? If a certain individual have an allergy on dairy products, the diet will therefore be altered in a way that substitutes for the eliminated allergic reaction producing foods will be introduced to the diet. The substitution is important because the nutrients from the eliminated food are needed by the body. It is therefore important that before starting on a certain diet, you should know your allergies on foods.

If an individual is already on a diet and have an allergic symptoms, it is important that they seek a medical doctor immediately. The doctor will have to modify the diet to determine what causes the allergic reactions. The doctor will require the patient to remove from the diet the common allergy foods: peanuts, dairies, and poultry. When the symptom of the allergy subsides, the patient will be advised to reintroduce the foods that might have caused the allergy slowly to isolate the allergic reactions on a certain food. The patient will have to keep a food diary so that data will be studied for the basis of the medical analysis. After the symptoms were confirmed, the foods that cause the allergy will be removed again from the diet. Foods that can cause allergies are cereal and bread with gluten, Soya, milk, peanuts, seafood, and poultry. Allergies and diet works together; eliminate these foods from your diet because they can trigger illness.

Alcoholism and Diet

The Connection between Alcoholism and Diet

Not many people may be aware of it but there is a strong bond between alcoholism and diet. This may be surprising since there are many reasons why a person chooses to drink alcohol. Excessive alcohol intake can turn out to an addiction, which you will be forced to deal with later on. Diet is one of the factors linked to alcoholism. The good news is that although your food may be one of the causes of your distasteful drinking habit, it can also aid you in becoming sober permanently. This means it is entirely up to you if you want the connection between alcoholism and diet work with you or against you.

Alcoholism is one of the biggest problems besetting many people in the world. In the United States alone, data indicate that at least 15% of its population suffers from a drinking problem. Roughly, the male populace composes 10% of this figure while the balance of 5% is female. Theories have been presented to tie alcoholism and diet. According to the proponents of these theories, there are specific kinds of food, which may trigger a craving for alcohol consumption. Hence, if you eat a lot of a particular food then it is likely you would want to indulge in drinking later on.

One theory considers alcoholism to be a manifestation of a food allergy. The primary difference between the form of allergy under the said theory and the normal one is that the reaction of your body will be the opposite. If you have an allergy, then the standard body response is to expel the cause of the allergic reaction. In the case of alcoholism, there is a craving for the food causing the allergy. Hence, the body would want to absorb more alcohol instead of rejecting its presence in the system. This is a detrimental scenario about the relationship between alcoholism and diet.

The answer, therefore, if you want to stop being an alcoholic is to stay away from certain food items, which can worsen your condition. Reducing the consumption of food containing high sugar levels can help you overcome your addiction. There are recommended diets for those who want to remedy their situation. Eating the right kinds of good to build up your body’s energy is necessary. By addressing to the nutrients level of your body, it will be able to resist the desire to drink alcohol. There is a positive way between alcoholism and diet that you can opt to pursue.

Science Diet Allergies

Study of Science Diet Allergies

Science diet allergies or Allergy avoidance diet is the solution that many physicians and nutritionists have come up with in order to battle individual’s adverse food allergies and reaction to a number of different kinds of foods. There are a number of different food intolerances that have affected millions of individuals and sometimes cause some of the most trouble some diseases.

Science diet allergies follows the principles of the so called elimination diet, which excludes certain types of foods that are known to cause allergy to a certain individual, this means that all kinds of foods that is believed to cause some intolerance and allergy to be processed out or eliminated from the list of food a person should take in about four days until three weeks, until all symptoms are eliminated. Depending on the level of the seriousness of the symptom, this elimination diet may be done from moderate to a severe level of restriction in some foods that are known to cause allergies.

There are other variations to the Science diet allergies nutritional program, by having the elimination diet to include some of the known hypo allergenic foods like apples, most vegetables, legumes, lamb pears, rice, grains and most beans. Once an individual’s body adjusts to the long absence of allergy causing foods in their system, these foods can now be brought back into the everyday diet of the person and to be safe any signs of symptoms that may arise should be clearly take note of for future reference.

Another form of a science diet allergies nutritional program is to follow strictly a Rotation Diet, in which foods that causes allergies should only be eaten or digested once in every 4 to 5 days. A total Allergy avoidance diet is recommended for those people suffering from migraine, asthma, irritable bowel syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis and recurrent otitis media.

To protect us from disease and illness and symptoms of allergies it is recommended that we follow the basics of Science diet allergies nutritional program especially those who have experiences of allergies from eating a specific type of foods. There are a lot of known ways to manage the allergy symptoms and for our body to adjust to these types of foods as mentioned here already.

Remember to recognize the foods that brings us allergy so whenever we would practice the methods or different types of diet included in the program of Science diet allergies we would be able to easily distinguish which type of foods to avoid.