Hernia Diet

Quick Tips for your Hiatal Hernia Diet

Hiatal Hernia is a hernia condition where the upper part of the stomach protrudes to the thorax as a result of a tear in the diaphragm. More often than not, one experiencing small hiatal hernia may not easily know unless the doctors who check your well-being for another condition. However, those who are already suffering large hiatal hernia oftentimes experience chest pain and heartburn because of the acid and the food that goes back to the esophagus. Fortunately, a proper hiatal hernia diet would help you deal with this health condition.

A proper hiatal hernia diet must include whole cereal grains, seeds and nuts on their daily meal. They may also eat lots of vegetables especially fresh fruits. At least fifty percent of their daily diet must have these basic food essentials. The other fifty percent of the hernia diet must have foods rich in carbohydrates, protein and fat. Over-processed foods must be avoided. This includes rice puddings, cakes, sugar, white bread, and biscuits. This is the best advice that the doctors can give for those who are experiencing hiatal hernia condition.

Add up to that, raw juices fresh from real vegetables and fruits must be taken along with the prescribed hiatal hernia diet. These freshly extracted juices must be taken at least half an hour before the patient eats its meal. The best fresh juice considered to be an effective cure for hiatal hernia is the carrot juice. This is because carrots are rich in calcium as well as Vitamin A. Moreover, studies show that the said vegetable also has a restorative effect on one’s body.

If a person under the condition of hiatal hernia is fond of drinking hot drinks, they must avoid it until their well-being is back to normal. Although they may still have hot drinks such as tea or coffee, they need to set the drink aside first and let it slightly cool before taking a sip. Warm foods and drinks should be avoided. Moreover, food condiments including mustard, mayonnaise and ketchup should be avoided.

A simple tip for those who are suffering hiatal hernia is the intake of frequent small meals. Aside from the proper hernia diet, a patient must also follow the prescribed meal time set by the doctor. Two hours before bedtime, the patient must not take any kind of food except from water. Moreover, they must remain seated for at least an hour after eating.

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