Anorex Diet

Anorex Diet Pills for the Obese

Anorex diet pills or sometimes known as Leptoprin, is a weight loss pill that is used to suppress the appetite. It is 100 percent effective when used properly. It is an extremely potent anorectic agent and is not recommended for the use of casual dieters who want to shed a few pounds. It is used mainly by obese people whose excess body fat is adversely affecting their health and self-esteem.

Many Americans are overweight and their numbers have increase over the last 100 years because of the increase in their consumption of fast food, unhealthy eating habits and lack of exercise. Some experts also believe in the link between obesity and genetics. That is why many of those ordinary fat burner pills rarely work for those who are significantly overweight. This link between genetics and obesity also means that it is not your fault.

Obesity is the mark of processing excessive sugar and carbohydrates consumption of the body. This results in a whole slew of illnesses such as heart disease, which is the leading killer and diabetes which was once a very rare disease. That is why no ordinary diet can help the obese unless a weight control compound is made to address the genetic component in obesity. This means that n amount of exercise can help you reduce weight.

The anorex diet pills are designed to address and mitigate the effect of your genetic nature to process sugar and carbohydrates and store fats. It is considered to be the first pill to ever deal with the link between genetics and obesity.

However, there is a lot of debate going on between using drugs like anorex to help the obese. A number of the so-called safe diet pills have also been known to contain ingredients which may interact with other medications in a negative way, like depression and hyper sensitivity to some natural elements.

Some forms of anorex diet pills have ephedra which suppresses the appetite and has been marketed to be used by serious dieters only. The company who manufactures the pills refuses to divulge the full ingredient list thus giving rise to a lot of anecdotal complaints of allergic reactions, heart palpitations, muscles cramps and frequent urination. Some experience a significant drop in appetite and difficulty in sleeping.

The anorex diet pill although helpful for the obese should not be taken without the proper guidance of a medical practitioner who knows about your health history. It is a potent pill that can be efficient if coupled with the right eating habit and exercise.

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